by Lyndon Gray on January 17, 2013

Great Morning!

www.EraceTheHate.com was created by us, The Eracists, as your network and avenue for self-expression.  We intend to provide the tools for you to promote any initiative that provides a constructive contribution to the global community.  We are not confined to any particular race, religion, gender, sport, music, profession, dance, art, social class, bank account....you get it.  We respect everyone for who they are and especially for who they want to be.  We are not saying you have to like everybody.  BUT, it is against our rules defame, degrade, and discourage.  If you and someone else you know you're making an impact on the community, we offer ourselves as an aid to your plan to be the change you wish to see.  With carefully planning, it can be done.  We are Eracists.  We dream constructively, live productively. We live our dreams.  

 - The Eracists