Welcome to Eracism Clothing

by Langston Gray on July 25, 2018

Eracism pronounced (E-Rey-siz-uhm) is: 1 n. The removal from existence the belief that one race is superior to another. : 2 v. Establishment of social, moral, and economic values. Eracism by Erace The Hate will provide a positive influence for youth nationwide by promoting the concept “We”.  We the human race, started as one, and the only way we will end as one is if we work together. Our creativity fused with the concern for the human race will inspire innovation and design. We will help the youth prove to the previous generations that we are a responsible and productive group of youth that have the potential to set an example for the future generations.  Eracism apparel and sponsored events will target to inspire all people to create a safe environment, conducive for learning and growth.

Eracism is Made With Peace and Love 

Become What You Wear