Repost from @isthatcarrots Hash Tag: Be The Change I have a few...

by Erace The Hate on August 13, 2014

Repost from @isthatcarrots Hash Tag: Be The Change

I have a few scattered thoughts that I will leave here:

These two will never leave my wrists. I use them as daily reminders of my purpose in the physical form. I was one who experienced self hate because I was black and also as a victim of peer racism early on. It hurts my soul that little me thought “God” didn’t love her because he made her black. I’ve since then learned that I am perfectly made with the designation to be great and bring change.
Anger, fear, pity, hopelessly lost and searching for an answer is where I find myself these days. I’ve shed tears for you STL, and my heart is heavy. As someone whose career will be media based, I know that they ploy and distract us easily to erect forceful temperaments. Never will I say you don’t have the right to be angry, NEVER. But I do believe in playing smart. ‘MERICA IS A FIXED GAME. In order to beat the “enemy” you must be ahead of him; armed and ready. Not just acting on emotions instantaneously. Prep your communities. Act as your own nation, not against. That’s where the problem lies and I get so tired of the blind mice that refuse to realize this.

Oh, death to reality tv, girls aiming to be “bad bitches”, and all “real niggas” not doing anything positive for the young ones but teaching them smoking/drinking is the way to go. Lastly, a quick story. A 5 year old told me he needs his toy gun because when he grows up he will have to have a real one. His dad followed with “aye, say because you ain’t no punk”. Mannnnn look. Guns are for cowards and the first to fire usually are.

#ILoveBeingBlack #BlackUnity #EraceTheHate


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