by Eracist 22 Kansas City, MO on February 21, 2013


So I’m watching this show entitled, Find Our Missing. If you haven’t heard of this show here’s a quick synopsis: Find Our Missing is a show in which stories of missing African Americans are shared (from family, friends and city police) in order to generate tips and awareness from viewers. Tonight’s episode featured the story of a missing Chicago teen, by the name of Yasmin Acree, who disappeared on January 15, 2008 and has since been missing. Details about this story have come about that the Chicago Police Department did not take this case serious even with the information her mother told them about her not being able to see well without her glasses which were left on her nightstand, Yasmin was missing for a full day before authorities took this matter serious.  Sometimes it seems like the cases involving minorities are not as urgent or taken as seriously.  Do you think media outlets determine which stories to post based on race?  Any thoughts or comments on what you believe or feel?  Also here is the link to view other stories:


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