Leah Janell shows you how to Flirt With Hair

by Eracist 92 B Ellz on March 18, 2013

Building bridges between hair care and weave, Flirtatious hair puts every female at a flirtatious advantage. Leah Janell was inspired to start Flirtatious after encountering some vacation hair troubles of her own. Leah and her girlfriends were all set to hit Mexico to get in some much needed R&R, but they went through such an ordeal to find a great hair supplier with affordable rates. One stylist wanted close to $7,000 just to do five girls hair! Leah was determined afterwards; not only could she start her own weave selling business, but she would create a brand around both weave and hair care.  As a budding entrepreneur, Leah says there are some challenges such as, "selling your brand and getting our name out there". However, her love for the business and commitment to bringing out the flirt in all her clients is what motivates Leah to keep going. She hopes to expand beyond selling weaves and learning the do's and dont's of all hair care management so that she can better serve her clientele. 

All of Flirtatious Hairs weaves are 100% virgin hair and can be rinsed, dyed, cut, and styled as you please. When I asked Leah about pricing she noted that their prices are strictly based on the quality of their product. Leah sighs,  " all I can say is if the price is cheap, the hair is cheap," referencing her competition. Flirtatious hair lasts longer than one or two wears, you could wear it for eight months to a year with four to five installments over the course of time.

Flirtatious hair carries four different types of hair and each the comes in two different textures. Leah Janell's main goal is to provide hair to each and every type of female. She has developed a payment scale that makes her product affordable for al types. Flirting can be as reasonable a silver flirt status or can go as far as a diamond flirt status. Flirting is for every female...

Flirtatious Hair's main focus may be providing quality weaves, but it doesn't stop there! In sitting with Leah I was delighted to learn their commitment to natural hair care as well! Now this is something I can relate to. Wearing a weave and having bad hair are in NO WAY synonymous! Its up to us ladies to decide if we're willing to put time in to manage our hair. 

We discussed the general importance of knowing your hair type and what it can handle. From moisturizers, to conditioners, shampoos, oils, heat and even the things you eat are all very important in managing your hair. Here are just a few tips we came up with: 

- When wearing weaves, you want to use loose based oils such as African Shea, rosemary, olive, or banana (very hard to find!) and place them directly on the scalp. You want to avoid applying to the roots and throughout the weave as just like your own hair, it weighs it down. 

-Remember! Your  natural hair still sweats and secretes oils just as it normally would. Leah reminds us if you normally get wash and sets every two weeks, continue those methods!  

- One method that I've found useful as well as a few  of ,my girlfriends is co-pooing ( see definition http://www.curlmart.com/co-washing/) between washes to keep the moisture locked in. 

-You can create your own hot oil treatments at home, as well as deep conditioners ( with products such as organic honey and mayonnaise) with a trip to your local natural foods store. 

-The best way to achieve growth with a weave or any protective styling is to let your hair breath every month or so.

I enjoyed sitting down with Leah, not only learning about her business and life as an entrepreneur, but having some of the myths of weaves and hair care debunked! If you'd like to learn more about Flirtatious hair, feel free to check them out at www.Flirtwithhair.com. Also keep a look out for their "Flirting is a Habit" t-shirts coming out in their Fall Line.

From one eracists to another, we wish you the best Flirtatious Hair,  keep achieving!


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