Malcolm Harrison talks Peace, Love, and Tennis!

by President Poupon on March 19, 2013

A native to Kansas City, Kansas, Malcolm Harrison has been dedicated to his dream since the age of two.  With a passion for tennis, he has practiced and practiced....and practiced to perfect his craft.  He is motivated by the belief that with hard work, dedication, and consistency anything can be achieved.  Mr. Harrison spends his days  focused on his love for tennis and being a positive role model for his godson, Paxton  Strozier.   A representation of the notion that love conquers all, this fellow Eracist, follows his dream as a service to his community, family, and friends.  I've had the pleasure of knowing Malcolm since I was five, and its an awesome feeling to have friends surrounding you that are focused and steadfast in their aspirations.  That's what I call motivation!!!  Make sure you watch the video above and follow Malcolm on Instagram and twitter to keep up with his accomplishments.

Twitter & Instagram: MRKing1987


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