by President Poupon on March 28, 2013

Great day everyone! Recently, I was very pleased to find out that one of our original Eracists has started a blog where he invites you to explore his thoughts and words of motivation.  Phil Clancy (E10), an Atlanta native, is a graduate of Howard University with a passion for sports entertainment and law... You guessed it! Phil, aka Phlip, is preparing himself for graduate school and currently living in Washington, He plans to return to his home city to begin his career.  I found the following excerpt from his blog quite inspiring.  Take a look.... AND don't forget to visit his blog! 


Rituals = Results

Find what is not working for you and change it.
It may be something as simple as reading more or working out. 
Everyone has rituals, and you must attack them if they are leading you down a path of destruction.  
You probably walk everyday to start your day and eat healthy and that’s why you are over-weight right?....Wrong !
You are that way because you have done that to yourself through daily rituals or habits. 
Your mindset must change and this needs to start NOW!
The faster you start the easier it will be to change a lot of
Your bad habits into Great habits to form a better you! 

- Eracist 10, Phil Clancy


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