Opportunity Meets Preparation : The Eracists Meet Jet Life

by President Poupon on May 13, 2013


Great morning great people! Everyone is wondering the story behind Curren$y Hot Spitta joining the Eracist team.  This milestone for the Eracists was far beyond Curren$y becoming one in the League of Extraordinary Dreamers.......

On Saturday May 11, 2013.  I, President Poupon, attended my first show at the Howard Theatre.  This was also the one year anniversary of my Graduation from Howard University.  As I was getting ready for the show,  I decided that I wanted to take a package of Erace The Hate apparel to give Curren$y.  

Curren$y, a "lifestyle rapper", has been one of my most respected artists for some time now.  I appreciate his sincere passion for Hip-Hop and also his entrepreneurial spirit!  Spitta has gone from No Limit, to Cash Money, and is now Jet Life Recordings.  But back to the story....

I arrived at the concert with Tina B. (Eracist 68) and we were immediately discovered by Mr.1000 (Eracist 32) of Everything 1000 Radio.  We took pictures and proceeded to the show.  I was hoping that Mr. 1000 had a connect to help me get the shirt to Spitta, but it wasn't lookin' good.  I told myself "You didn't carry this package all the way to this concert for nothing! You'd better make it happen."  At this point, I knew I had to get the shirt on the stage.  

I made my way through the crowd.  With the assistance of fans supporting my courage, I found myself at the foot of the stage.  I passed the package to someone in front of me to make the delivery.  They were unsuccessful.  I had to make this happen on my own.

Raw Cones, white boys, and blunts were being thrown on the stage constantly in appreciation of the performance, but I couldn't get his attention!  So, I threw the package on the stage in the same manner.  His manager picked up the package and sat it at the dj booth.

......After the concert, we're waiting for the valet to bring the car.  Curren$y's caravan pulls aside the Howard Theatre.  Watching him sign autographs from the passenger window, I notice he's changed into a red shirt.  "That could be our shirt..." I said to myself.  "Naw, that's not our shirt......... wait..........THAT IS OUR SHIRT!!!!" 

I went up to the car, shook hands with the Jet Life commander and chief, and welcomed him into the League of Extraordinary Dreamers. "We promote peace, positivity, and respect.  Entrepreneurship and Artrepreneurship.  Welcome to the team!"         

Currensy: "Welcome to this Jet Life!"

Curren$y Spitta (Eracist 330)

Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions louder than your words.

Stay Positive. Stay Peaceful. 

- President Poupon

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by Grace Inc. on May 13, 2013

This is awesome sauce! Too hype for the movement! You have my support. :)


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