by President Poupon on June 11, 2013

Great morning great people.  All the way from a suburb just south of Chicago, John Harris III has the gift of empowerment through words and reflection.  I recently had the opportunity to sit down and discuss with Harris his business as of two years, Authentic Reflection.  Authentic Reflection is committed to cultivating a network of individuals dedicated to the development of self-efficacy and positive self-reflective practices for both youth and adults.  Each and every monday, he enlightens his peers with Motivated Monday, "this is just my way on consistently expressing my values to motivate the people around me"  Sounds like an Eracist to me!!! Here is this week's motivation: 

“The turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover the core of strength within you that survives all hurt.” ~ Max Lerner 

The happenings of life change us.  We’re changing every day, but at our very cores when we’re stripped of everything, we find who we wish to build upon.  Underneath all of the layers of experience and repression we find the simplest versions of ourselves. Some of us listen to our core more than others, but we all hear it and see it in our desires and actions. It’s the little voice within that reminds us of what we love and what brings us happiness. The layers of experiences and outside influences sometimes seem to stifle the voices of these inner-selves as we grow older. Society has this effect on us through its norms and education, but if we can journey back to this center, this place of truth, we can see life with more honest lenses. Our respective visions become clearer because we can better understand what and why we want to accomplish what we set out to accomplish. With this more pure understanding we can grow more effectively from each layer of experience, whether good or bad, because regardless of how it makes us feel, we know it just builds upon our strong, authentic foundations. It’s perspective. All the good and the bad add to the betterment of our foundations. Just understand who you are and what you stand for then continue to grow. Live truth and progress.

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